Never Win a Lottery? Try These Tips

Some people believe that lottery is just a game of luck. No one can win it if not because they are lucky enough to bring the money. Well, I do not think so. For me, the lottery is all about building strategies and learning the tricks. Yes, you heard it. There are arcane rules in the lottery that can help you win this game. Until today, we only revealed these tricks to certain people. When they use these methods, they usually succeed in bringing the money home.

Now, we decided to share them with you. Are you worth it? Do you want to reap the same success as other lottery winners?

Play the right games

We often believe that lottery is just one game with one strategy to win. This idea is entirely wrong. In most states, lottery refers to some games. Each of this comes with its own odd, payout, and even tricks to win. Therefore, if you want to increase your chance to win this game, you must learn the odds.

Please note, some lottery games such as MegaMillions and Powerball are national lotteries. It means that these lottery games have nation-wide entry pool. If you want to increase your chance, try state pool. Even though it means you have to live in that state, a state lottery usually have better odds than national lotteries.

Use lottery pools to get more entries

The old rule says that if you want to win a lottery, buy more tickets. Well, let me tell you my secret. It is not the best way to increase your odds. We have the key: lottery pools.

At the very least, you can use lottery pools to save your money and increase your odds at the same time. It should not be difficult to find your nearby lottery pool. As long as there are lottery fans, you will see it there.

Double check your numbers

It may sound simple. However, many people fail to win a lottery because of some simple reasons. Either they forget their ticket numbers or where they keep the tickets. Do not repeat these mistakes. Because of these people, many lottery prizes become unclaimed.

Therefore, when you buy a ticket, keep it close. Then, mark the drawing date on your calendar. When the day comes, keep the ticket with you and always double check the number. You surely do not want to miss the prize just because you lose a number.

How to multiply your chances

What if you did not win the prize? Should you just toss the ticket? No!

Your ticket may not win you the prize, but there is still a way to bring it home. On June 8, 2010, KentuckyBell, a member of Sweepstakes Forum reported a massive lottery win. The most interesting fact about her success is, she did not win it with her ticket. Instead, it was because she joined a second-chance game in her state. The game later picked her name out of random, and she won $120,610,70, after taxes.  It is insane, right?