Manchester United vs Sevilla Preview

Manchester United is ready to take another beat on Sevilla on their upcoming second leg. With their amazing stats this season, Manchester United is going to be a serious threat to Sevilla. With 46 goals they have scored so far in this season, the game is not going to be easy. There is only 1 way for Sevilla to win the game and it is going to be a tough one.

The head coach, Vincenzo Montella, should understand the risk of losing another game if he insists on their current form. Their last defeat from Valencia will happen again when they meet with Manchester United if the head coach does realize the threat, but chooses to do nothing. As if he lets the threats to stand before them and does nothing to deal with it.

With the ongoing threat from Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford duo, Sevilla seriously needs a better way to counter their attack. Playing defensive may be an option, but playing too cautious is never good. Liverpool failed to deal with this duo and we are expecting more efforts from Sevilla if they truly want to win the game.

As Miguel Layun is expected to miss the match, Sevilla is most likely to reshuffle their players, especially the defense. Under their circumstances, the manager might choose Nicolas Pareja and Gabriel Mercado to fill the posts. However, even with them at the back, Sevilla needs a serious backup to hold United’s attack.

With 11 points apart from the fourth in La Liga, Sevilla is less likely to enter the Champions League next season via La Liga.

The team has also a lot of work to do with their defensive. Ranked as the seventh-worst team with poor defense in Spanish top flight, Sevilla has been conceding 42 goals so far. The number is equal to 5 goals in a single game.

The miserable record continues with them being beaten in the same league 11 times during this season.

Another good reason to believe the Red Devil will win the upcoming match is Sevilla’s poor performance during this season in La Liga. They have encountered the league’s top 4 for at least 5 times this season and scored no goal so far. Instead, they have been conceding 20 goals from the top four.

I don’t know how Sevilla is going to deal with Manchester United, but these stats tell me they have a¬†slight chance of doing it. Perhaps, it is now time for the Red Devil to revive from their grave after serious critics to their performance. Unfortunately for Sevilla, it is not yet their time.

So, unless something big happens that prevent Manchester United players from ripping Sevilla’s net apart, our best bet, for now, is Manchester United winning the game.