Manchester City vs Arsenal: Who Has Better Defense?

Both teams will finally meet again on this Sunday’s match, February 25th. So far, both Arsenal and City have collected plenty of goals, thanks to their excellent strikers. However, it is not their strikers we are going to discuss in this article. We are more interested in their defense. They might have some of the best strikers in Europe, but do they have strong enough defense to hold the attacks? Who has better defense? Arsenal or Manchester City?

Would Arsenal Rise Again?

Before the upcoming match against City, Arsenal has played in several matches before. However, we do believe that we have not seen their best performance yet. Their last encounter against Chelsea, for example, ended with a draw. For us, it means one thing. Arsenal has not changed for good.

Jamie Carragher, a retired Liverpool footballer also believes this. Arsenal has a serious problem with their defense. It is so basic and poor. They might have tried to strengthen their defense by adding Jonny Evans to the team, but it doesn’t work so far.

Arsenal might be good with their classic 4 back defense. However, we also know that as good as that strategy might look, the Gunners are still not used to it. They once used this trick against Tottenham, but it only lasted for the first half. They were lucky not lose the game by 2 points or more when Spurs blasted their defense in the second half. During this season in Premier League, they have conceded 36 goals and only kept 9 clean sheets.

The positives

Arsenal is not completely out of luck, especially when they come to Wembley. That’s the good news. The stadium seems to be quite friendly to them. It is one among so few places where they can beat their opponent with ease. They once brought down Chelsea by 2-1 last May in FA Cup final. They even won a match against Manchester City in a semi-final.

If we count it right, Arsenal has won 9 games at Wembley. That’s such an extraordinary number amidst their series of defeat.

What about City?

When those two meet this Sunday, Arsenal should be ready for the worst. Unlike the Gunners, City’s defense has improved significantly. Their defense has grown stronger thanks to Nicolas Otamendi, John Stones, and few other players they have brought in. The power of money, perhaps?

Thanks to their defense, City has only conceded 4 goals on 6 occasions they have this season. Their goals are even far beyond. Their excellent attacks have made 20 goals so far in Premier League only.

Interestingly, most of those goals are scored without Vincent Kompany, who many people believe would be City’s key to win this season. His comeback to Carabao Cup is set to change everything.

Is City’s defense flawless?

Not actually. There are still some weaknesses and chinks, according to Shay Given, a former City goalkeeper. He believes that everything will be revealed once we watch the game this Sunday.

As for the center of defense, he believes Guardiola would place Otamendi with Aymeric Laporte or Stones these.

If there is any chance for Arsenal to beat City, they should learn it first from City’s last match against Liverpool. Liverpool’s agressive pressing successfully provoked City’s players to make so many mistakes throughout the game, including 33 misplaced passes.