Giorgio Chiellini Has Agreed to Extend His Contract with Juventus

Giorgio Chiellini currently revealed that he has no plan to move to another club in the future as he is preparing to extend his contract with Juventus.

His contract will eventually end this summer, and until today, people were speculating about his transfer to Chelsea. It was not entirely baseless because he once fought with the Blues and he knows Antonio Conte very well. However, upon delivering this news, we know that he will stay in Juventus.

During an interview with Sky Sport Italia, Chiellini told the media that they are in the process of renewing his contract. According to their current plan, they should be able to sign the contract in February or March 2018. The transfer market still leaves the management with homework, so they agreed to complete it by the next month.

This month is also crucial for another Juventus player, Gianluigi Buffon. Like Chiellini, Buffon’s contract will end in summer. However, we still have no information about him extending the contract. It is most likely because Buffon still has doubts about his retirement plan.

When some media tried to reach Chiellini for his comments, he believed Buffon should be free to decide his future. Whatever decision the 40-year-old player make, everyone should respect it.

From his point of view, Chiellini believes that Buffon has the power to stop time. After spending some years playing alongside this legend, he explicitly said that almost nothing has changed in him. Buffon is still the same person with the same or even better skills from the man we had in 5 – 6 years ago. He always has the power to convince people that he will not retire just because he is in his 40.

His excellence performance on the field should be able to grant him a prosperous career. Chiellini said that Gigi should only be honest with himself and find the right path for his life. It is the best way to resolve his cause. He even believed that if in the future, Buffon finally decided to retire, it will be long after his retirement.

Both Gianluigi Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini are precious assets for Juventus. They are the aces who keep the club at its top performances. Juve surely still needs them to grant victory from the upcoming matches, including their future encounter with Napoli.

All Juventus players and management have been waiting for this match. It is not something anyone can predict. No one can tell who will win because it will be a fierce battle. Players from both sides are ready and waiting for it. Both teams need to use their best strategies and players to win the game. It is because this game is mostly about honor. The future of Juventus will not end after their encounter with Napoli. It will lie far beyond that point and every player, as Chiellini said, will fight with their best to make sure they will stand as the winner.