Espanyol vs Real Madrid: The First Beat in Over A Decade

Gerard Moreno’s goal brought Espanyol to win the game against Real Madrid, the first time ever for the club in over a decade.


Real Madrid was looking for the 6th victory in a row when they played against Espanyol. They almost managed to keep the record, but when Zidane decided to pull Ronaldo from the field, everything went south. The world-famous team should admit their loss to Espanyol, a club from nowhere.

As for Espanyol, they never dreamt to win the game, especially when the game was against a club like Real Madrid. When Moreno scored the only goal in the match, everyone was so surprised. No one expected such a goal, especially those from Madrid’s side.

Zidane tried to regain control over the match by placing their defender, Sergio Ramos as an extra striker. However, his plan failed to Espanyol’s player from smashing a goal after receiving the ball from Sergio Garcia’s cross.

As the manager and once a player, Zidane should¬†know the impact of a sudden change in the team. He did realize that there was not much time left for both teams and both of them hadn’t scored a goal yet. We understand how desired he is to win the game. However, if that desire means losing the game, he should reconsider his idea to put Ramos as an extra striker. In our opinion, it would be better to end the match with a draw rather than losing it. Perhaps, Zidane didn’t get this idea and instead of waiting patiently for the game to end, he careless made the decision which ended up with their loss.

Ramos is not the only fatal mistake Real Madrid did. The first mistake was when Zidane pulled Ronaldo from the field. It is never a good idea to pull him back because it means you underestimate your opponent. If only he played like Manchester City who never underestimated their opponent, they should have won the game.

If you look at the match stats, you can clearly see how the game went. Real Madrid roughly dominated the game. They only won in ball possession (62% – 38%), and corner kicks (8 – 3). Their opponent, Espanyol, was unexpectedly won in shots fired (16 – 12) and shots on target (7 – 5). Espanyol might be smaller than Real. Perhaps, they might be the smallest or even weakest team Real Madrid have ever fought. However, in their recent match against Zinedine Zidane and his players, they proved one important point. Even a small team can beat you if you underestimate them. It may take the team more than 10 years to beat Real Madrid, but their patience has been paid. Real Madrid finally should admit their loss to Espanyol, something they never expected to do. Even their star, Cristiano Ronaldo, admitted that it was a painful loss they should take.